Saturday, August 29, 2015

So That Didn't Happen...

I was hoping to start posting on a regular basis this past Monday, but things came up and that just didn't happen. I ended up needing to work a little longer on Monday and by the time I was done at work, I wasn't feeling the posting thing (not when I had just spent most of the day trying to work on three different websites for work...) and Tuesday I went to Kona with my brother because he had a job interview and on and on.

I am making some design changes on this blog, though. First, I changed the template. (I'm kind of disappointed that there are WAY less options than on Wordpress, but I'll just deal with it until I have time to create my own layout and design.) I'm adding pages for various things (I just added an About Me page...which has a very long list of things about me...I got a little wordy) and things are still coming.

Hopefully some other things will start happening as well. I'm currently working on making things for an Etsy shop that's been in the works for a while. (Sticky flags...decorative tape...index's a lot of paper-based stuff...for really inexpensive...) I'm hoping to get that up by next weekend. I'm also cleaning out my craft room and crossing my fingers that my sewing machine still works (if it does, I need to get it serviced, if it doesn't...I should probably look into getting a new one...)

Plus, my mom and I are going to be doing the Ben Franklin Craft Fair this year for the first time since I left for grad school in 2013. She's planning on doing the familiar (cookies, loaf cakes, mochi, party mix...) but I'm also hoping to include some items that are gluten free or sugar free. (Maybe gluten free...) A friend is thinking of making some pet treats as well. We'll see what happens. I need to experiment with recipes first.

Busy busy busy. But I love my job so far (and if you're not getting the Discount Fabric Warehouse VIC E-blast and you live in Hawaii, you're missing out! It's more of my rambling!) and I think once all of the websites are up and all of the social media pages are put together, things won't be as hectic.

But thanks for sticking around!! I really appreciate it!!!

See you soon!!



Monday, August 10, 2015

Oops. I Went Away Again Didn't I?

Hi Guys!

I'm so sorry about my disappearing act again. I started a new job and honestly, I wanted to make sure this thing was updated so my new (at that time, potential) boss could see that I know how to update content on blogs and stuff.

However! Starting next Monday, not today Monday, but Monday, August 17, I'm going to start posting again on a regular basis. I have some things for a journal article I was working on for school (yes, I know that I graduated, but I'm still working on an article that some classmates and I are trying to get published) that I need to finish by August 15, and then after that, it's back to this blog.

I have some content that's being put together (some Try-It Tuesday stuff, some recipes that I made that I wanted to post, things like that) so it's just a matter of me sitting down and actually posting it all.

If there's anything that you'd like to see, something you'd like me to try, an update on anything I've posted previously, please leave it down in the comments.

I'll see you soon! I promise!

(And, if you're in Hilo, come by Discount Fabric Warehouse to say Hi! I'm actually in a little office in the back of the warehouse across from the store, but still...they can always give me a call to let me know someone's here to see me. :) )