Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shirley Temple Cupcakes!

Today I was just checking my Blogger Dashboard to see if there were any new posts on any of the blogs I follow and something caught my eye:  Shirley Temple Cupcakes! I clicked and clicked and finally got to the recipe and saw that I had the majority of the ingredients already in my kitchen! Yay! There were just a couple more things that I needed to pick up since I wasn't quite sure my mom would be too happy if I used up the rest of hers.

A little while ago the first batch came out of the oven, I tossed one in the freezer to cool so I could eat it, slapped some frosting on it and TA-DA!!! Of course, they're totally not as pretty as the ones that were on the site I got the recipe from but they taste super yummy! (And yes, I do say that about most cupcakes. XD) The only problem I had was that they didn't taste enough like cherries. *sigh* Oh well.

You can find the recipe for these cute cupcakes here. Hope you give them a try!

See you soon!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AHHHH! Going Back to School!!!

Apparently, this is another non-crafty post. LoL. Well, it's kinda crafty. Creative anyway. You'll see why later.
Ever since January, I've been attempting to pay back my student loans that resulted with me earning two bachelors degrees from UH-Hilo. I've quickly learned, however, that if you have credit card debt that you're trying to pay off at the same time and only have a part time job, this not exactly the best situation to be in. So, I made the decision to go back to school. I've always wanted to learn more anyway. Since I used up all my financial aid eligibility at the university, I applied at Hawaii Community College and was accepted in May. The next step was financial aid. Due to some missteps I took about 10 years ago, I've had to jump through hoops to get them to approve my award. It still hasn't been finalized but it's looking good...I think.
My initial major was Hospitality, but I'm not sure that's the best course for me because I'm not planning on working at a hotel, so when I met with an academic counselor yesterday, we went over my options and the one that we decided on (because I refused to accept her suggestion of not going back to school at all) is that I change my major if financial aid allows it to....Digital Media Arts on the Graphics Track. So that means I'll be working on computer graphics and stuff. It sounds totally interesting and something that I think I might be able to do. We'll see.
I'm really really exciting about this and I'm hoping things will work out. As for crafting, well...I'm sure I'll be able to find time to work on new things. This weekend may be a good time to go rearrange the craft room. And maybe get distracted a little and work on some projects. :D

See you soon!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ocean-Themed Baby Shower!

Okay, so I'm FINALLY getting the pictures from the baby shower up. I know it only took me like, months. But the shower was last weekend and I finally figured out how to transfer the pictures from my phone to my computer without having to e-mail them to myself one by one, so here we go! (These are in no particular order because blogger is being a pain and not letting me move pictures around tonight.)