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I'm Jeni, if you didn't know that already. I'm from Hilo, Hawaii, a little town on the Big Island (also known as the Island of Hawaii), but have also lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for a little bit.

I never quite know what to write on these pages, but from what I understand, I should probably have one, so I think I'll do it this way...20 Things About Me time!

1. I have a younger brother...who's taller than me. That being said, I'm often mistaken for the younger sibling. I'll take it, though. :)
2. I have three college degrees...and it only took me 15 years to get them. Haha. I have a BA in English (2009), a BA in Communication (2010), both from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and a MA in Journalism and Media Studies (2015) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. So all it really means is that I have three very expensive pieces of paper and a lot of debt. Yep.
3. I've had the same two best friends since I was 2 years old. So, that means it's been about 31 years. I'm a little surprised they haven't ditched me yet.
4. Never ask me who my favorite bands/musicians/singers are. I have a list. It's a long one. BUT, if forced to name one and only one, I would have to say Arashi. Why? That's a whole 'nother list of reasons, but that band has helped me through some tough times in my life and introduced me to a group of people that I don't think I ever would have met otherwise. And they're adorable. :)
5. I originally started this blog years ago while I was working at Ben Franklin Crafts. I thought I wanted to make a craft blog because it would force me to craft. But it never happened. Slowly it kind of just morphed into a blog about my life and some random craft posts. We'll see what happens as it morphs again.
6. I don't watch a lot of TV. I used to. But now I have a TV in my room with no cable. And I'm usually too lazy to go into the living room and have to share the TV with my dad. So I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Maybe eventually I'll give in and get the cable box for my room. 
7. Yes, I live with my parents. After living alone for two years, I like having the company. Plus, they basically give me whatever freedom I want and don't bother me. So it's fine.
8. Not married, not engaged, not in a serious relationship, not in any relationship at all. Yes, sometimes this does bother me, especially since both of my best friends are either married or engaged, but I think it it's meant to be, it'll eventually happen.
9. Years ago, I had a YouTube channel. The videos have since been made private. It wasn't the most awesome time in my life, let's just say that. (Plus, I watched some of those videos a few weeks ago and couldn't stop laughing at myself.)
10. I love organizing and things, but in my personal life, I'm a VERY unorganized person. Well, I like to call it a creative mess. When my room to too neat, I can never find anything. Haha.

(I've only done 10?!?!)

11. I love writing, but I hate letting people read what I've written. Seriously. I took a creative writing class in college (it was a lit class, but we ended up having to write poetry to be a part of a compilation) and I would cringe every time I would need to share anything I wrote with anyone. Academic writing, that's no problem. (After all, I did need to write a thesis for my master's degree) but fiction...good luck convincing me to let you read it.
12. I'm a bookworm. I'm completely happy if you drop me at a Barnes & Noble and tell me you'll pick me up in a few hours. (And the fact that Hilo does not have an actual book store makes me incredibly sad.) When I first moved to Las Vegas, I would spend hours at the nearest Barnes & Noble just so I didn't need to be alone in my apartment. Spending a day reading and not having to do anything else makes me happy.
13. I'm also a Starbucks addict. If someone hears me go "I'm Starbucks broke" they know it means that my gold card is empty. Haha. But, I don't always get coffee. I love me a peach green tea lemonade...with apple juice instead of lemonade...but I also get holiday drinks when they come out (but no pumpkin spice, please...I'm a little over it) and iced coffee with milk. The bigger the drink, the happier I am.
14. As you can probably tell, I'm a little long-winded. I'm not someone who likes to just use a few words when I can use a lot of them. (Much to the chagrin of my thesis committee advisor.) But I write like I talk and I like to talk.^.^
15. I've been "attempting" to learn Japanese for the past 15 years. Maybe more. I took two years of Japanese in high school...a year in college...and I've been working on learning it on my own in between and since. Let's just say it's not going too well.
16. I love to buy office supplies and craft supplies. A person probably doesn't need like 10 notebooks at any given point in time, but when it's on sale, you can bet I'll probably be buying them. That used to be my favorite part about going back to school...getting new school supplies. And as for craft supplies...it's just an addiction.
17. I love anything bright pink and Hello Kitty! Don't judge. I had a dream when some unknown guy proposed to me at Puroland. But I did promise my parents that I would not insist on a Hello Kitty wedding. I make no promises about decorating my future home with Hello Kitty and pink everything, though.
18. I'm a bit of a geek. I love Lord of the Rings, The Avengers (only the movies, though), Harry Potter, and all of that stuff. I'm trying to get into Doctor Who but I think I'd need to go back to the beginning and I don't have time for that right now.
19. Boy Bands were my life in intermediate/high school. Backstreet Boys (I was determined to marry Nick Carter), *NSYNC, O-Town, Natural, and all of those obscure one-hit-wonder boy bands from the 90s and early 2000s...I probably listed to them all.
20. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Not like I've submitted to the fact that I need to grow up. I may need to grow older, but growing up...yeah, maybe not. I don't know if I like this being an adult thing. Haha.

And that's 20 things about me! Well, it's probably more because I included extra details about almost everything. But, if there's anything you're dying to know, just ask! I may or may not answer, just letting you know. 

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