Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love My Create A Critter Cartridge!

When I first got my Cricut, I knew I HAD to get the Create a Critter cartridge. I knew it had the same sea creatures that I had used on the invitations for the baby shower and there were just so many cute animals that I needed it.
Well, it's been put to good use so far. Here's a sneak peek at the creatures that I put together for the guest book for the shower:

I colored the eyes and smiles in with black Stickles because it was becoming a pain in the neck to punch out all the little pieces. The actual pages will be posted after the shower. I don't want the parents to be accidentally wandering onto here and seeing it before then. I think they've been hunting for clues for everything. LoL.

I also used the Doodlecuts cartridge to cut out some really cute ducks. Or chicks. Whatever they are, they're really cute.

Tonight's project is freezer paper stenciling. OMG. So easy and so much fun. Pictures to come soon. The only picture I have is on my phone and my phone is in the kitchen on the other side of the house. No room in my craft room for stenciling so I have to do it in the kitchen. Can't wait for you to see it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Long time no blog! LoL. I've been meaning to post, but there's just been so much going on that when I finally get a day to just do nothing, I do exactly that...nothing. XD

I've been meaning to post the invitation to the baby shower I've been planning with my mom, but recently found out that someone copied my design and started selling it on etsy. It wasn't the exact design but it was definitely close enough that I had to contact the seller and ask nicely that she take it down because it's covered by an intellectual copyright. Normally, I wouldn't care if someone copied my design for their own personal use, but this person was selling it. To me, that made it different. I will post it up soon, though. I think next week, after the shower, I'll just do one long post with pictures of everything, from the decorations to the favors. I've pretty much had my glue-stick-covered fingers in everything. My poor Cricut is getting a workout right from the box.

No pictures in today's post, but lots of other stuff to share with all of you. Besides prepping for the baby shower, I've also been prepping for Hilo Ben Franklin's Paper Party & Family Fun Day tomorrow. I was asked to take over the cupcake decorating table (since the associate who was taking care of it moved last month) and also to do a cake pop make n take. Of course, me, being the procrastinator that I am, waited until today to actually start anything so I just finished baking two batches of cupcakes (if we run out, oh well too bad. That's all I was told to make) and one 9x13 cake. I still have to crumble the cake, mix it with frosting and make the cake balls for the cake pops and tomorrow morning I guess I'll make the frosting for the cupcakes. I also have a list of stuff that I need to take with me tomorrow and I still need to start getting that all together. Hopefully it'll go off relatively without a hitch because a lot of people have told me they're coming for the cake pop make n take. Oh dear. No pressure, right?
One exciting thing, though, is that Hilo finally got a Target. It opened the other day and I've already been there four times. LoL. The dollar section is awesome and I found a ton of stickers, paper, and embellishments there. There were even these little card kits. I bought a whole bunch of stuff and wanted to buy more today, but decided to limit myself since I don't know when I'll get around to actually using everything.

My contacts are making my eyes all dry. I think it's time to go take them out and go finish prepping for tomorrow. If I finish that early enough, I may have time to go back down to my craft room and work on some stuff before bedtime. If I can stay awake that long.

I promise I'll post again soon. Maybe I'll have pictures next time. LoL.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


And it is over. And I am sad. But the movie was EPIC! I can't believe it's been over 11 years since I read the first book. And now we have come to the end of the journey. No more books. No more movies.
I'll write a more coherent post tomorrow after work. This is just kind of rambling because I'm not sleepy yet. LoL. Bed time.