Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are you sure it's already October?

I could have sworn we just started September. But since it's already October, it means that I need to get my butt in gear and start finishing up the 5 sets of cards that I'm donating as door prizes for my dad's fishing club banquet on the 15th. Then I have 15 - 20 sets that I need to donate to my church for their mini bazaar at the end of the month. I haven't even started on that last one yet. Oy. Procrastination is obviously a strong point of mine. XD

Anyway, for the banquet, my mom suggested I not put any wording or anything on the cards so they can be used for anything. I was originally going to make two thank you cards, two birthday, and two just because but I guess she's right. 

So these are two of the different cards I made. They're not completely done. They still look unfinished to me. I have to figure out something else to put where I was going to put the wording. But my mom's friend said I need to make them really simple since a lot of the ladies that are going to be there don't like fussy cards. LoL. So I just colored in a couple of stamped images from my cute little Sister Stamp stamps and glued them onto the card. Simple enough? XD

I have a set with one more Sister Stamp but that's not going to be finished until more than likely tomorrow so I'll show you that when I finish coloring them all in. 

I have to get to work. It's going to be a long day. I work until 5 and then we have a store meeting and then I have another meeting. Plus I still need to do my test for one of my classes by 1155 tonight! Oh boy. 

See you later!!


  1. Jeni they look wonderful. When you start to get pressured to get them done then you'll find exactly what the cards need. Or at least that's what happens with me. Still they are really cute!

  2. Jeni, Jeni, Jeni~
    This is awesome girlfriend... I think both cards looks cute as they are. but MAYBE you can just add a bling or two just to have it pop out a little, like adding gems or pearls or a liitle stickles on the crane or ribbon on the hair....up to you, but hey love it......

  3. @Sweet - Thank you! I may have to dive into my box of glittery things to find something good. :)

    @Shirl: Thanks!! I'm debating on whether or not to break out the Cricut and use my Pagoda cartridge to cut some stuff out. It was great seeing you today!!

  4. I think when the time is right and you need a card, you'll know what to write or add to them. Gr8 job! ;)

  5. Hi Jeni! Why didn't I know about your blog until now? I love reading about what the people I like are doing. I'm going to be visiting your blog so keep posting.