Monday, November 14, 2011

LaLaLaLa...Cards, Cards, Everywhere!

Oops. I knew I was forgetting to do something. I've been totally meaning to post, I promise! I kept telling myself, "take a picture of this to put on your blog" and then it totally slips my mind. (Especially when I'm baking something that ends up being completely yummy. XD)

Anyways, I made 15 sets of cards for our church mini bazaar that was last month (after my mom told them that I'd make cards to sell and I would have felt bad backing out). They were originally supposed to be sets of 5 cards, but I ended up making sets of 3 cards in hopes that they'd sell at a lower price. I spazzed again and didn't even think of taking pictures of the cards as I finished them so I could show you guys, but I was able to snap a quick picture when we put them all out before the bazaar started.
The majority of the cards had one of the Sister Stamps images (because they were so easy to just stamp a bunch of them, color them, and cut them out and because it was a Buddhist church bazaar...why not use an Asian image?) and a few had just some simple things that I cut out of printed cardstock. (And there's also that one renegade set of dinosaur cards that I cut using my Cricut before the blade died.)
In the end, all of them sold except for the two that I gave my neighbor's little girl for helping us that day. The majority of them sold within the first hour and I was really surprised because to me they were a little plain looking. But I guess sometimes plain is good.
I was glad I was able to help the church out with something besides cake pops and chichi mochi.

That's pretty much all I wanted to post. I have to get to work on Christmas gift tags for the Ben Franklin Craft Fair the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. I bought Christmas 12x12 paper today using my 40% off coupon so I guess I should actually start making the tags. No excuse. (Especially since I got a new blade for my Cricut.) I also have to make 15 sets of cards for my mom to give away in her Christmas baskets and her friend wants an undefined number of cards to give as gifts. It's going to be a busy month and a half before Christmas. Maybe this time I'll remember to take pictures. LoL.

See you later!!



  1. Jeni~
    These came out very very pretty, I'm glad you sold of them, inspite giving two to your neighbor... Great cards, love all the images and the layouts are awesome....I just knew it you had it in you or you wouldn't be working at BF?(You are super creative!).. Can't wait to see the pics on the tags and other other cards you will be doing... they are going to be hot seller's...
    BTW - the panda is from BF and probably is the one you saw their yesterday....
    Have a good day~

  2. Cute! Yes, simple is nice, especially when you have a cute image like the Sister Stamps!
    Good luck on all your projects!
    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Jeni,
    They turned out really, really nice. Sometimes simple is best.

  4. These came out great! I know what you mean about forgetting to take pics, though! TFS.


  5. I think they sold out because you used good colors and kept it simple. Glad to hear that all your hard work paid off. Happy Holiday Crafting!