Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cake Pops!

This post was actually supposed to come before the cupcake post, but I forgot to upload these pictures from my phone. 
A couple of weeks ago I made cake pops for my neighbors' twins' first birthday party. I was originally planning to make the cake from scratch but then the two older kids wanted to "help" so I ended up using box cake mix because if I needed to make more I could always crack open another box. They got to decorate after I dipped the cake pops. 
I think I ended up making a little over 100 cake pops and about 10 cake balls (for some reason they just would not stay on the stick.) The white ones are vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and vanilla chocolate and the chocolate ones are...well...all milk chocolate. I figured by keeping like flavors together it would make things easier. 

One big suggestion if you're going to be making cake pops...make sure you have all your supplies well in advance. If I had actually thought ahead for once, I would have realized that ordering the lollipop sticks, bags to wrap the pops in, and the chocolate online would have been a lot cheaper. I ended up spending almost $40 on just those things alone! It didn't help that the party was Easter weekend and of course the $3 melting chocolate was all gone so I had to buy the $7 melting chocolate instead. But oh well. Such is life. 

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