Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Try-It Tuesday: Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy - Blood Orange & Honey

Hi Guys!!

This week's Try-It Tuesday product is the Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candies in Blood Orange & Honey. I found them at Longs (CVS) for $3.89 but you can also find them at natural food stores or online at various places like this one.

So the candies come in a cute little tin and there are 15 per container. The tins are sturdy and close really well. The candies themselves are small, maybe slightly around the diameter of a dime, but they're just enough if you just want a tiny sweet treat.

The Good:  They're super yummy. Not too sweet and overly sugary. It's also slightly tart, which was unusually good because I typically don't go for tart candies. They're also not horrible for your health. The candies are gluten-free, no corn syrup, and have no artificial dyes. Plus they're only 12 calories each piece. The blood orange flavor isn't overpowering and neither is the honey. They are well balanced and complement each other very nicely. Also, they last a long time. I think I had one in my mouth for almost 20 minutes before it completely dissolved. Yum.

The Bad:  They're a little on the sticky side. I opened one just as I was walking out of the store and already it was a little gooey and sticking to the paper. But that's just a minor irritation. There wasn't anything majorly bad about the product.

The Unfortunate:  They're a little on the pricy side. There are only 15 in the container and it was just under $4. But it's okay. It's not like I was planning to eat a ton of them at once. They should last me a while because it's just a little treat every so often.

The Organic Hard Candies also come in other flavors, including pink grapefruit & Tupelo honey and Myer lemon & raspberry.  According to their website, there are 5 flavors all together.

These are the two I currently have in my bag. I have the pomegranate & nectarine along with the blood orange & honey. I saw one other flavor in the store and may order the rest from online. Would I suggest these to others? Definitely. If they weren't so on the pricey side, I'd always keep them in my bag.

See you tomorrow!!


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